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Frequently Asked Questions

To make our work clearer and more transparent, here are a series of frequently asked questions so that you are not left with any doubts:

About the institution

It is a children's home that provides shelter and support to children and adolescents whose rights have been violated, offering them comprehensive care that gives them the opportunity to achieve full development, build their life purpose and successfully transition to an independent life.
Our work is carried out through shelter, care and protection for children and adolescents without parental care, with the aim of providing food, health, education, human development and their integration into society.

We began working in 1997 as a legally constituted institution and for more than 20 years we have attended to almost 200 children and adolescents who have lived through different situations of vulnerability. Currently, our headquarters are located in the San Pedrito Peñuelas neighbourhood in Querétaro.

Ages range from 2 years old to 21 years old. We have 5 programmes that give them the tools to become empowered and have a purpose in life to make their transition to independent living a successful one.

Yes, fortunately we have a board of directors that works to support the entire operational team to meet the needs of the children in our care.

About Funding

Thanks to donations in cash and in kind from individuals and companies, civil society organisations (CSOs) and through specific projects. 

For more information, see the section Transforming Together.

All is appreciated and welcome, however, we have a suggested minimum fee of $300 if it is within your means, as this is the amount from which, discounting the costs of handling and issuing tax receipts, a donation begins to be meaningful. Donations of this amount can be made on a monthly or one-time basis.

Yes, since 1999, Sonríe Villa Infantil became an authorised donor and since then, year after year, transparency and compliance with all fiscal obligations has allowed us to renew this authorisation.

You can verify your status as an authorised donor of Sonríe Villa Infantil in the publication of the Official Gazette of the Federation (
We will also be happy to generate tax-deductible receipts if you provide us with your details.

We present an annual report of activities and a financial statement of what was done during the year.

It is public information that you can consult on our website and also reaches our donors, collaborators and allies in a personalised way.

In the following link you will find our main donors.
Click here to meet our benefactors.

About adopting a child or young person

If you are interested in adopting, you can contact the Office for the Protection of Children and Adolescents of Querétaro:
Address: Pasteur Sur #6 A Centro Histórico. Querétaro C.P: 76000
Phones: ( 442 ) 2385-108 (44-2)2385109
Mail: or

About volunteering

If you are interested in being part of Sonríe Villa Infantil by giving a part of your valuable time to offer children and adolescents a service that contributes to their wellbeing, contact us at (442) 261 21 30 or by email:

We have various forms of volunteering:

  • Individual: If you have the time and the will to offer a particular service, free of charge to the children and adolescents of the village, call us and we will gladly channel your offer.
  • Corporate: if you are responsible for Human Resources and/or Corporate Social Responsibility and wish to make a donation or that your employees can collaborate with their time for a nice and different experience for our children and teenagers, contact us.
  • Social Service: High school and university students from Querétaro have collaborated with us, doing their social service in school work, teaching English classes and many other activities within the Villa.
  • Social and religiousgroups : several such groups have joined our cause by organising collections, fundraising, recreational and educational activities for our community. All help is valuable and we are open to value any proposal with a purpose in favour of our children.

About the visits

There are a number of legal policies on children's human rights that restrict such visits. However, there are specific volunteer programmes in which, in certain circumstances, families and philanthropic groups may be able to join.