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Each of our programs is designed not only to meet their basic welfare needs, but to strengthen the ability of girls, boys and adolescents to reflect on themselves, develop awareness and grow channeled in the search and discovery of their personal purpose. of life.

Each program takes care of specific aspects, but together they weave the necessary support so that each girl, boy and adolescent finds within themselves the personal resources to establish their own objectives and goals.

The ultimate goal is that, after passing through the institution, they will be able to self-manage and move safely and solidly towards independent living in the full and responsible exercise of their human rights, especially their right to happiness.

Includes all material resources and supplies to guarantee shelter and livelihood for girls, boys and adolescents. Its relevance is clear, because without the basic conditions of material well-being it is unthinkable to create the conditions required to promote its development and the greatest possible expression of its potential.

It includes all the actions of prevention, maintenance and care of any health problem. It is important to emphasize that this great program includes not only the attention of diseases or specific situations that require the intervention of specialists, but also a set of hygiene, food and prevention practices (vaccination, vitamins and supplements to prevent diseases), all of them taught by specialists.

It includes all the material and human resources required to ensure that children and adolescents receive quality academic training throughout their entire stay within the institution. At present, academic training is provided from preschool to university and the performance and development of each of the girls, boys and adolescents is closely monitored.

It has to do with providing children, adolescents and emotional support, psychological support and the necessary tools so that during their stay in the institution they carry out a deep process of self-knowledge that leads to an awareness and acceptance of their personal history and internal transformation that allows them to define a personal purpose of life and make based on it a successful transition to independent living.

This program is aimed at adolescents and young people of the institution between 14 and 20 years and consists of providing them with an experience of supervised life where they acquire the learning of self-care, practical life and introduction to the world of work that allow them to manage their life independent when they leave the institution.