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In order to make our work more transparent, here are some of the most frequent questions they ask us and where you can get to know us more.


What is and what does the Children's Village "Jesús y Dolores Martínez" IAP (VIJDM) do?

VIJDM is a foster home for girls, boys and adolescents who have suffered situations of abandonment, abuse or neglect of care. We place the person and the fullfilment of their children human rights as the core of all our activities. We offer them a proper home, adequate education for their age and their needs, quality education, health and psychological support and the opportunity to empower themselves to build a personal life project.

How many years has the Villa been working?

We started working in 1997 as a legally constituted organization and over more than 20 years we have attended almost 200 children and adolescents in a situation of abandonment. Currently, our headquarters are located in the San Pedrito Peñuelas neighborhood, in Querétaro.

How old are the children you serve?

Today we serve more than 30 children between 2 and 20 years. We have a program that gives them the tools to empower themselves and create a project of their own life in their transition to independent living.

Do you have a board of trustees?

Yes. Fortunately, we have an active and participatory board that works to support the entire operating team to meet the needs of the children and adolescents in our care. It is made up of committed and influential people in the community and who represent the best of Querétaro’s society.


How are they financed?

We receive donations in cash and in kind. Cash donations reach us through private donors and companies, foundations and other organizations that channel private funds. Donations in kind come to us from individuals who wish to participate and donate clothing, toys, food, personal hygiene items and services in general such as doctors, specialists, psychologists, laboratory study cabinets, dentists, legal services, to name just a few.

Is there a minimum amount for cash donations?

Our suggestion is that, if it is in your possibilities, our donors contribute from $ 300.00, since this is the amount from which, taking away the costs of managing and issuing tax receipts, a donation begins to be significant. Donations from this amount can be made monthly or for a single occasion.

Is your organization authorized to receive donations?

Yes. In 1999, the Villa became an authorized donor and since then, year after year, transparency and compliance with all fiscal obligations has allowed us to renew this authorization to receive donations.

Is my donation tax deductible? How can I check it?

You can verify the status of the Villa’s authorized donor in the publication made for this purpose by the Official Gazette of the Federation (

Where can I check the information about your financial situation?

We annually present a report of activities and a statement of the accounts. It is public information that you can consult on this website. A copy of these reports can be delivered under requirement.

What companies and organizations make donations?

In the following link you will find our main donors. Click to meet our benefactors


What are the most important projects of the organization?

At present, the most important projects we work on are the following:


-WORTHY HOME: This program includes all the supplies needed to ensure they are provided with a proper shelter, adequate nutrition and all their basic needs covered. Each month, the expenses required to cover these expenses is around $7,000.00 per child.


-QUALITY EDUCATION: This program includes all the scholar expenses required to ensure they are provided with books, uniforms, equipment, technology and general supplies needed to complete successfully all their education from preschool to professional education when possible. The monthly amount needed to cover these expenses is around $3500.00 each child, depending of their age.


-INTEGRAL HEALTH: This program takes care that every child receives the proper medical assistance during the time they live at the Villa. Medical appointments, pharmacy prescriptions, medical and lab studies and any treatment they need are covered to keep them healthy. To ensure this protection each child needs around $2000.00 each month, depending on the treatments and prescriptions they need.


-TRANSITION TO INDEPENDENT LIFE: This program is designed to prepare our adolescents, from 14 to 19 years old to enter into adulthood and independent life. The focus is set on giving them the tools needed to finish their studies and learn practical issues like how to get a job, open a bank account, rent an apartment, plan their monthly expenses; in a word, prepare them to face adulthood responsibilities and develop a successful life project. The investment we make on each of them is $2,000.00 each month.


How can I make an adoption?

If you are interested in an adoption, please get in touch with Procuraduría de Protección de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes de Querétaro. Dirección: Av. Luis Pasteur sur #6A, Centro Histórico. Tel 442 238 5108.


Become a volunteer

Many people donate to us the most valuable thing that a person has: their time, to offer children a service that contributes to their well-being.  For more information, call us at (+52) 442 261 21 30 or by email:

How can I work as a volunteer?

We have several volunteer modalities:


-Individual: if you have the time and the will to offer a particular service, free to the girls, boys and adolescents of the Villa, call us and we will gladly channel your offer.


-Corporative: if you are responsible for Human Resources and/or Corporate Social Responsibility and wish to make a donation or that your employees can collaborate with their time to improve the quality of life of our children and adolescents, contact us. We also have much to offer both, your company and your employees.


-Social Service: Currently, high school and bachelor students from the most important schools and universities of Querétaro collaborate with us, carrying out their Social Service in school tasks, teaching English and many other activities within the Villa.


-Social and religious groups: Many social and religious groups have joined our cause by organizing collections, fundraisers and recreational and educational activities in our community. All help is valuable and we are open to any proposal that may come from your organization


Can I go with my family to visit the house and meet the children?

There are several legal policies regarding Children’s Human Rights that restrict this kind of visits. Nevertheless, there are specific volunteer programs on which, under specific circumstances, it is possible that families and philanthropic groups can join us.


Can I deduct my donation from taxes?

When making your donation, an official tax-deductible receipt is issued that you can incorporate into your declaration to deduct the amount. We will be more than glad to issue you this document for your personal use. All you have to do is ask for it and provide us your Tax Registration Number and in a few days you will receive it.


Also, you can verify the status of the Villa’s authorization to receive donations in the publication made for this purpose by the Official Gazette of the Federation (